Daniel Dennett's De-Darwinizing Deluge

A detailed critical summary of From Bacteria to Back and Back, by Daniel Dennett. The most absurd combination of sounds received by a printing press since Xul Solar invented the Panlingua astrological alphabet.

It seems that -mistakenly in the proto-scientific “thinkers” eyes- a wheelbarrow carries the powerful (to laypeople) message that it necessitates just one wheel, to bring not only the sand, or the stone, or the gravel, or the brick, or the coal, or the flint, or the concrete, etc, but also the designer’s (copyrighted artistic “idea”/expression) beautifully crafted handles, and rubber, and spokes, and grips, and metal, and inner tube, and so forth, in what I call in my conferences Gould’s punctuated SYNDROME (isn’t it it?), that does not explain the inherent mind-word-token meme (wouldn’t it?) of a partially intelligent and not-so-empowered designer. OK. Please, repeat with me, “down with the wheelbarrow” five times! Et al. So be it. Thanks.


"¡Ideas, señor Carlyle, no son más que Ideas!"
Carlyle - "Hubo una vez un hombre llamado Rousseau que escribió un libro que no contenía nada más que ideas. La segunda edición fue encuadernada con la piel de los que se rieron de la primera."